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Malayalee Association of Southampton

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  Malayalee Association of Southampton (MAS) is a non-profit and cultural organisation. It is a voluntary organisation of the people of Kerala who reside in Southampton and nearby areas. At present at least 250 families hailing from Kerala are believed to be living in and around Southampton.

We aim to provide equal opportunities for everyone with particular focus on those disadvantaged. We work closely with our community groups, voluntary agencies and the business sectors that aim to decrease deprivation within target areas. We also work with external groups, organisations and agencies to establish projects to help wider communities.


Our aim is also

  • To promote equality of opportunity between women and men
  • To promote positive attitude among the youths
  • To encourage participation of disadvantaged people in the life of the organisation
Association history
Malayalee Association of Southampton (MAS) is a non-profit, cultural organization, formed in August 2006.
A short video on our history below.